1. A Home Sold, But Not Bought
    Once you set your home on the market, getting an offer can be easier than finding a house you’d like to purchase. This can place you in the position of nearly having your home sold without a new place for you and your family. One way to avoid this is to research new homes with your local Realtor before putting yours on the market. You can compile all of your research so once the time comes, you’re ready to make an informed decision immediately. If your home is already getting offers, consider accepting one with a longer escrow timeline or making the acceptance contingent upon you purchase of a new home. If timelines don’t aline, you can also negotiate a rent back deal from the buyer until you’ve found your new home.
  2. De-personalizing Your Home
    As you prepare your home for buyers, you want to help them envision their family living in the space. Though it can be challenging, it’s important to remove a lot of the personal uniqueness in the home. Store away those beloved family photos until it’s time for you to unpack your new home. While lively wallpaper and paint colors may be perfect for the family, replace them with neutral tones for others. The last thing you want is a buyer passing on your home because they thought one room was “too green.” Upgrading to new appliances, new carpets, fresh paint and new countertops are all positive possibilities in garnering more interest and in the end, higher offers.
  3. The Smell Of A Sale Odors are tied to memories, people, and emotions. Whenever you put your home on the market, you are encouraging strangers to walk through and not only look, but also smell. Most homes have some odor that can be neutral or even pleasant, but it’s hard for someone who lives there to identify it. Ask a friend to walk and describe what she smells in each place. Some rooms, especially those with pets will need professional carpet cleaning or a complete replacement along with deep furniture cleaning. Your buyers will love the fresh clean aroma of a “new smelling home.” Remember, the simplicity of a scented candle can do wonders.
  4. Curb Appeal
    Did you know home buyers make a decision about whether they like a home within 1-2 seconds of stepping outside of their car? Curb appeal can make or break a sale. Most of the time, the lack of lawn maintenance can completely jeopardize a buyer’s interest. In the summer, it’s crucial to properly prune and water the lawn so it looks fresh. In the wintertime, it important to shovel regularly and discard any broken branches and other debris that may be an eye sore. A new layer of mulch can also make a big difference and is a very low costs option! Don’t forget to repair any exterior damage and repaint as needed.
  5. Painting Your Home
    Pick a light, neutral color including beige, tan, or off-white. Never paint the walls white as this is actually a harsh tone that makes rooms look smaller. Consider painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls, it tends to pop more. In fact, the lighter color actually makes the ceiling look higher and the room bigger. Each home is a little different, so contact your Real Estate Specialist for an individual consultation.
  6. A New Bathroom Look Sells
    A bathroom that seems old and outdated can be a huge turnoff to a buyer. Replace the bathroom fixtures and vanity if they look worn out, which can often be done for less than $500. Install white lights above the vanity and lay down a new bath rug to match the new towels. Deep clean the tub and think of refinishing it for extra shine. If you can make the buyer feel as if she is walking in to a spa, you are guaranteed to impress. Get a new shower curtain and tie it back together with ribbons. Light a few candles with peaceful aromas and roll washcloths into a decorative pile beside the sink. It is amazing what a comprehensive cleaning and new linens can do in order to freshen up a bathroom.
  7. Showing Your Home
    When your home goes on the market, the first thing buyers will take notice of are photographs. From there, they will usually decide whether it’s a home they want to see in person… or not. Capturing your home’s character on camera is crucial including still shots and a video tour. The investment in a professional photographer & videographer will surely pay off, but it’s very important that this content is undeniably captivating. A great Real Estate Professional will most certainly not settle for anything less. To get ideal photos, you might be ask to minimize the amount of furniture if the house isn’t staged as to enhance the look of the interiors. Shooting in natural lighting is best, but re-positioning lamps if necessary to lighten corners using white lighting can add great impact. Twilight photos are also a must to show how the property comes alive at night.
  8. Highlighting Value
    Every home is unique and showcases some kind of individualism. Think about what this is and what buyer’s would be attracted to. This is the opportunity to draw in buyer’s by highlighting the value of the amenities the property has to offer. Whether it’s an outdoor pool, huge backyard, massive lot, detached garage, bonus room, wine cellar, etc, you should pick 1-3 things that make the home special and use these to target emotions. At the end of the day, every buyer is looking for a lifestyle the property allows for them to live. Sell this lifestyle!
  9. Selling with Children
    When you have children and a home for sale, maintaining a buyer friendly environment can be challenging. Give yourself a full day to declutter every area of the home before any showings. Ideally, you might want to put as many things in storage as possible, especially large children’s toys so they do not distract the buyer from what they want. For items that are staying, it’s important to create an organization procedure. Plastic storage bins that stack are perfect for accessing and putting away kid stuff. If you have a diaper changing station, work to make it as minimalistic as possible. Place the diapers, wipes, and other essentials in a nearby drawer so they’re out of sight. Use baby blankets and stuffed animals to add color to the space, however again, less is more. Contact me for a personal consultation to help simplify this delicate procedure.

To learn more about how you can properly prepare in your selling plans, contact a local Real Estate Specialist for a complimentary consultation.

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